While the second part of its season 3 started last week, “This Is Us” has offered its fans a nice nod to the famous series HBO in a scene from his last episode. Ron Batzdorff/NBC SPOILERS – Warning, the following article unveils potential spoilers. If you do not want to know about the content, please do not read this… Even the characters from This Is Us are fans of Game of Thrones ! It is in any case that suggests the episode 10 of season 3, whose distribution has just resumed on NBC. At the bend of a sequence in which Kevin and his girlfriend Zoe to meet with an officer-in-charge of the military archives, the writers have slipped in a clever nod to the famous series from HBO, which is preparing to redo talk to her as she will start very soon its eighth and final season. While they seek to obtain the address of his uncle Nick (the brother of Jack, who would have ultimately survived the war in Viet Nam), Kevin is seen to oppose a categorical refusal on the part of the archivist. This last explains to him that in order to be allowed to access the folder, he must prove that he is indeed a part of the immediate family of the veteran. NBC barely arguments, Kevin then invokes the popular culture, as he does regularly, and draws a parallel rather unexpected between his family and that of the Lannister in Game of Thrones : “And if I told you that I’m his nephew ? A nephew, this is important, non ? Watch Game of Thrones. Joffrey was a close relative of that uncle, blond and super beautiful.” The problem is that Kevin is apparently not a spectator very attentive of the series HBO. Any fan worthy of the name knows for a fact (provided you have exceeded the season 1) : Jaime is not the uncle of Joffrey. A precision that does not lack him to bring his interlocutor, who seems a little better control of the subject : “Jaime has never been in contention for the throne. Joffrey was crowned after the death of his adoptive father, Robert Baratheon.” HBO well, ok, it is already a little better. But then again – you will agree – is far from the truth. Joffrey, in fact, is not the nephew but the son of Jaime, who has, therefore, been with his sister Cersei : a reality for the less sordid, and ignored by all the people of Westeros, including by Robert Baratheon himself, who will be seen in Joffrey his rightful heir until his last breath. If this fun wink also remains unclear, it is probably for two very good reasons : firstly, to avoid speaking of incest in a series for all audiences such as ” This Is Us , and second, to not spoiler the spectators who have not yet started the series HBO. Waiting for the next episode of “This Is Us”, and potential new wink to “Game of Thrones”, and (re)discover the trailer of the season 3… This Is Us – season 3 Teaser VO

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