On the occasion of the international day of the rights of women, the CNC has published a new study on the role of women in the film industry for audio and video. If we note a favourable development, inequalities persist. CNC Thursday, march 7, on the eve of the international day of the rights of women, the CNC, the centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, has published a study showing the place of women in the film and audiovisual industry. If there is a positive trend, we note also and especially that the inequalities between men and women persist. 23.3% of the French films made by women In ten years, between 2008 and 2017, the number of feature films made by women has increased by 62.8%, reaching 23.3 per cent. 32.3% of short films are made by women, a figure which recorded a fall of 3.5% since 2009. The CNC also identifies a new generation of filmmakers, at the head of which we find Céline Sciamma, Claire Burger, Andrea Bescond, Julia Ducournau, Valérie Donzelli, Hélène Cattet or Rebecca Zlotowski. In the film production of fiction, the women represented in the 2016 43.2% of the workforce compared to 40.8% in 2009. We note that the functions of a script supervisor and assistant to script supervisor, hairstylist and makeup artist and a costume designer and dresser are still overwhelmingly occupied by women. In the field of exploitation cinema, the women are in the majority since they make up 51.6 per cent. Less money invested in films made by women In ten years, the average budget of films of French initiative carried out by women has increased by only 4.3% and it was lower by 2 million euros to one of the films made by men. The average cost of distribution of these films is less than 34.4% of the films made by men, those directed by women being out in 118 rooms on average, compared to 170 for the ones directed by men. Next to the box office, 17 films made or coréalisés by women have passed one million entries. LOL by Lisa Azuelos (3.7 million), La Rafle Rose Bosch (2.9 million) and Polisse de Maïwenn ($2.4 million) have achieved the best scores. Price Alice Guy 2019 : Catherine Corsini, voted best director for An impossible love women still paid less than men, The study of the CNC shows that the wage gap between men and women persist in the industry. It is as well as a director of feature-length film earns an average of 42.3 per cent of money in less than a developer. Similarly, the average hourly wage of women in the trades of the administration of production is 38.9% lower than that of men. In very rare cases, the trend is reversed and we see that the gap is less clear. For example, the scripts are paid, on average, 18% more than their colleagues of the opposite sex. We note that the salary difference is a little less pronounced in the audiovisual production in the film production : the directors are paid “only” 30.7 percent less than the filmmakers. What about other european countries ? In terms of parity, where is France compared to other European countries ? On the set of the 370 films made by women in the nine european countries studied and released between 2012 and 2017, to 35.8% from France. The proportion of films made by women is more important in France than in Italy (10,1%), Spain (14.2%) and the United Kingdom (12.1 per cent). On the other hand, it is much lower than in the scandinavian countries : in Sweden, 30.9% of films are made by women, 27.9% in Norway, 25.4% in Finland and 25% in Denmark. Measures to accompany a movement toward parity In the sum, it is clear that things are changing very slowly in terms of equality between men and women in the film and audiovisual sector. To accompany this evolution, the ACSB has put in place several measures : the “bonus parity” – a bonus of 15% attributed to the productions in which the eight main stations should comply with the parity, applied since 1 January – the commitment to the creation of an observatory for equality between women and men in the cinema and the audiovisual, or the requirement to include statistics of gender in the records of certification of films. See you in ten years ? LOL, the biggest success for a French director in France : LOL (Laughing Out Loud) ® trailer VF

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