France 3 broadcasts this evening “Under the skin”, a mini-series in 3 episodes worn by Anne Marivin, Nicolas Gob. Should we be tempted by this police drama centered on a female cop who is tracking a serial killer while fighting against the disease ? Fabrice LANG / STORIA / TV FTV what is it about ? The commander Marion Kovic has the reputation of being a cop out hand in hand, demanding with his group of the judicial police of lyon as with itself. Happy mother of two children and married to Kevin, a high school teacher, she makes sure to separate carefully his work from his private life. But this fragile equilibrium is teetering to the day when a cancerous tumor is detected at its breast, forcing it to follow sessions of radiotherapy in full hunt for a serial killer of women. Marion must pursue an investigation difficult, the arrival in his team of his former partner, Vidal, and cope with her illness that she hides all the risk of losing the trust of his loved ones. Tuesday 12 march at 21h on France 3 (3×52 min.) It’s worth the look ? Despite a police story fairly classic in shape, the mini-series in three episodes Under the skin, written by Sylvie Audcoeur and Anna Fregonese, is the same as a great success, which relies in large part on the excellent performance of Anne Marivin, terribly moving and just in the skin of this woman cop at once hard and fragile, which struggles to admit that she is ill and is conducting two battles that are cleverly echo. Against a serial killer who is terrorizing Lyon, first of all, but also, in shadow, against another form of a killer : the cancer eating away at her. Fabrice LANG / HISTORY of TELEVISION / FTV And it is precisely the internal struggle of Marion, who decides to confront only the disease, to preserve his loved ones but also to be able to continue to do its job, which has interested Anne Marivin who confessed at a press conference last September at the festival of the fiction TV of La Rochelle : “If I had just proposed to play an interviewer, I would not have done. But there is a real argument, a real alibi in the police which I liked, through the analogy between the fight inside of Marion, and the fight that it must lead to the outside to find a serial killer. (…) What interested me was to talk about how this woman, the mother of the family, with a big mental workload, learns of his illness, afraid for herself, for her children, the people she loves. She is afraid she will make them undergo it. And at the same time it wants to continue to do her job that she’s passionate about, continue to be a group leader, and continue to be viewed by his entourage and by his colleagues as a strong woman, physically capable of working all day in the field. And the only way for this type of women not to be put on the key it is silent about his disease. It is sad, but it is like that”. Darker than it looks, Under the skin, weaves in parallel to a nice portrait of the woman and an investigation that, despite his side already seen, which could well prove more intimate than expected for the heroine (but shhh, we won’t say anything more). Anne Marivin, Nicolas Gob, who plays a new cop, but continues to do so with some talent, form a very effective duo, while tension and, paradoxically, in complicity. The two actors are undeniably the breath of this fiction, both classic and smart which, in the absence of revolutionizing the genre of the police series, you will no doubt have a good time, while you moving to the passage.

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