Born in 2011 in the comic books and seen in one of the memorable scenes of “Aquaman”, the monstrous creatures of the Trench should have a right to their own feature film. Warner Bros. Pictures With 1.120 billion dollars in revenue to date, Aquaman is the most 21st-biggest hit of all time in the world. As Warner and DC Comics have continuation in the ideas for the heir of Altantis portrayed by Jason Momoa is not surprising. But the episode 2, currently in preparation, could not happen only as a spin-off is also in development. And according to The Hollywood Reporter , it would be devoted to the Trench and its monstrous creatures which the hero is facing in one of the memorable scenes of the film, which gives birth to one of its most beautiful stretches. When Aquaman and Mera escape the monsters of the Trench, in Addition to its initiator James Wan, the franchise Aquaman should therefore borrow the Conjuring its model expansion, focusing as much on the suites that spin-offs dedicated to a character rapidly catching up in the saga-mother, Annabelle, or The Nun. Entrusted to the writers Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald, The Trench (The Trench in the VF) will be a film horror and more modest than the one taken by Jason Momoa, and will not benefit from the contribution of the casting original. If there is, for the moment, very little information on the project, it is already clear that the story will take place in the realm of these creatures, Atlantis separated from the other survivors when their kingdom has been overwhelmed and become hungry monsters who live in one of its hidden areas. Characters who have recently seen the light of day on paper, since their first appearance in the comic books dates back to 2011, when DC has completely redesigned its editorial line, a result of the events in Flashpoint, giving birth to what we call the Renaissance DC. Side film, this rebirth is currently going by the success of Aquaman. And he will now have to see how and if the improvement continues, and the manner in which The Trench will fit into the release calendar, hoping it is not the project too. Out of the Trench, Aquaman is invited in FanZone : Fanzone Emissions d'Actu

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